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Children in the Philippines are often unable to attend public school because families are unable to cover the required costs for school supplies, uniforms, and fees. At the Naomi's Heart Mission Christian Academy, we find sponsors to commit to sending a child to school for a year - and often our sponsors continue to follow their child year after year.

Sponsors receive 1-2 letters from their child each year and receive a photo. Sponsors can also choose to send gifts, letters, or emails to their child, as they feel led to do that. We try to make sponsorship as personal for our sponsors as we can.

Sponsorship dollars are used to pay for the school supplies, teachers, educational materials and textbooks, uniforms, and other costs for running the academy.
 All donations are tax deductible and very little is required for overhead costs.

Interested in sponsoring a child?  Look through the pictures of children needing sponsors, then email us at NHM Academy and let us know who you would like to sponsor. We will make sure that child is still available and get you all the needed information in a packet. 

Cost:  $30 per month
Benefits: Sending a child to school to learn about God's love and get a quality education in the hope of breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

Each year you will be contacted to see if you want to continue sponsoring your child.

Thank you for investing in
 the life of a child!


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