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A donation in any amount is appreciated. Donations for the Construction Fund help build the infrastructure of our school. Donations to NHM Christian Academy help fund field trips, books, classroom materials and supplies, and programs.


Please send tax-deductible donations to:


NHM Christian Academy
C/O Fellowship Christian Church
2301 Valley Loop Drive
Springfield, OH 45504


Or Give online by clicking here:  



Here are ways you and your organization (whether it be a children’s group, scout troop, Vacation Bible School, small group, class, or family) can partner with us:

Commit to Pray For Us

We covet your prayers. As we grow and desire to follow God's leading, we seek prayer warriors and partners. We believe that God will supply all our needs but we also believe that we need to be constantly approaching His throne room and asking for His guidance and direction in all that we do. Please pray for our academy, provision and protection as we build, the Naomi's Heart Mission and the outreach opportunities that God is laying before us, and for protection and unity for the mission and academy staff.

Help Build our School

A donation in any amount is helpful and we are very thankful for any gift you care to give. If you would like to give to help with more specific requests, here are some of our needs:

Teacher's chair: $10
Table for a classroom: $25
Chalkboard: $50
12 student chairs: $60
Bookshelf: $75
Cabinet: $75
Teacher's desk: $100
Library table: $100
Supply a whole classroom with chairs and tables for $200
Build a classroom for $15,000
Build a building for $60,000 (holds 4 classrooms)


Or you can select one of these needs to fill:


Our nursery class introduces our 3 and 4 year olds to toys and learning materials including Duplo, Mr. Potato Head, stringing beads and Playdoh. These materials are rotated during the school year. Stored in tubs, the nursery classroom will need wider shelves to store these materials.
Cost: $200


Our school office will need to have a copy machine for both teacher and administrative use. It has been put off as long as possible, but there will not be any way to avoid this purchase once the school is built.
Cost: $2000


Computer Lab
We plan on having a computer lab to give our students the best of available technological resources. This lab will need to be air conditioned to protect the equipment. Sturdy tables will be needed along three walls.
Tables: $50 each
Air conditioner: $500


Our clinic will be a place where small medical needs can be taken care of and children who are sick can be isolated until parents can be contacted. It will have a locking cabinet, a cot, and a desk for the staff to use.
Cabinet: $75
Cot: $40
Desk: $100


Shelter House
In the center of our school complex will be a large shelter house that will be used for chapel services, whole school or grade level activities, graduations, and programs. The front will be a stage area, complete with a podium and a cross mounted on the wall. 70 benches will allow us to seat up to 700 children, parents, visitors, and staff.
Benches: $20 each
Podium: $100
Cross: $100


Flag Pole
Outside of the offices and near the shelter house, our students will gather daily for a time of flag rising, reciting the pledge, singing songs of worship and prayer. Morning exercises are also done.
Flag pole: $50
Flags (Filipino and Christian): $10 each

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