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The Naomi's Heart Mission Christian Academy began in 2009 as a preschool / nursery program designed to give children living close to Naomi's Heart Mission a strong year of preacademic skills and Christian lessons and songs before sending them off to public school for Kindergarten.  Twenty children, ages 3-5, were enrolled the first year.  By the end of that school year, we felt strongly that God was calling us to continue providing Christian education to these children and so we opened a Kindergarten.

We continued adding a grade level every year until we finally added Grade 10 in 2021.  We have been accredited by the Philippine Government as a Christian Elementary and Junior High School. During the 2023-2024 school year we will have 433 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 10.    We stand in awe of God’s provision and faithfulness. 

The Philippine Government has accredited our academy for Kindergarten through grade 10 and has given us time to develop a permanent "school" setting - with classrooms, a library, a playground, and all the features that come to mind when the word "school" is mentioned. It is a momentous endeavor, but we continue to trust in a God that is faithful and whose timing is always perfect.

Naomi’s Heart Mission Christian Academy, Inc., is a part of Naomi’s Heart Mission, founded by Danny and Kristie Ward.  Mr. Enrique Maca currently serves as NHM's CEO and Administrator.   NHM is committed to bringing food, education, and the word of God to the children of the General Santos City area. For more information on the Naomi’s Heart Mission, please visit our NHM website.


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A donation in any amount is appreciated. Donations for the Construction Fund help build the infrastructure of our school. Other donations help fund field trips, books, supplies, and programs.  You can designate your donation as you choose. Every dollars is put to good use. 


Please send tax-deductible donations to:


Naomi's Heart Mission

2071 N. Bechtle Ave.


Springfield, Ohio 45504


Online donations can be given here:

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